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January 6, 2020

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The cheapest and thus widespread way to add new generators to a high-voltage power grid is by a simple tree-like connection scheme. However, it is not entirely clear how such locally cost-minimizing.

Lightweight, simple and flexible self-powered photodetectors are urgently required for the development and application of advanced optical systems for the future of wearable electronic technology.

Piezoelectric and ferroelectric 2D materials draw growing interest for applications in energy harvesting, electronics, and optoelectronics. This article first reviews the preparation of these.

Dr  Muhammad H RashidDesign principles for electronic charge transport in solution-processed vertically stacked 2D perovskite quantum wells – Ruddlesden–Popper phase halide perovskites are two-dimensional solution-processed quantum wells and have recently emerged as highly efficient semiconductors for solar cell approaching 14% in power.

When translating photovoltaic technology from laboratory to commercial products, low cost, high power conversion efficiency.

like “85 °C and 85% relative humidity for 1000 h operational lifetime”.

We demonstrate that the inclusion of a small amount of the co-solvent 1,8-diiodooctane in the preparation of a bulk-heterojunction photovoltaic device increases its power conversion efficiency by 20%,

We report the experimental characterization of ozone generation in dielectric barrier discharges as a function of the material and characteristics of the dielectric barrier, operating frequency and.

Graphene/hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) vertical heterostructures have recently revealed unusual physical properties and new phenomena, such as commensurate–incommensurate transition and fractional.

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